Assets Announces the Spin Off of Lancaster Works at Assets LLC

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Assets Announces the Spin Off of Lancaster Works at Assets LLC

ASSETS announces the spin-off of Lancaster Works at ASSETS, LLC through its sale to Tyrone G. Miller, the CEO of Lancaster Works since its inception in May of 2017. The transfer of ownership will establish newly renamed Lancaster Works as Lancaster County’s first and only minority-owned social enterprise B Corporation employment agency.  The sale comes after a thoughtful and amicable decision by ASSETS to bolster Lancaster Works’ future growth by releasing it to stand on its own. Lancaster Works was established by ASSETS in 2017 to remove barriers to employment by providing the underserved equitable access to the resources needed to create a truly inclusive economy that works for everyone.   

Even marked by the uncertainty created by the pandemic, Lancaster Works has received numerous accolades over the past year:

Church World Services of Lancaster County “2021 Employer of the Year”  Samaritan Counseling Center “2020 and 2021 Ethics in Business Finalist”

B Corporation “2021 Best For The World” (Top 5% of B Corporations globally) Acceptance in the Small Business Administration “Mentor-Protégé Program”

ASSETS CEO Tina Campbell shares, “There comes a point in the story of every business where a tough decision has to be made that either limits the future growth of the business or allows it to fly. We believe that by selling Lancaster Works we are allowing the company to access the wisdom, resources, and networks of other area employment agencies that we never could have accessed as the owners. The transition is bittersweet, but we know it’s the right one.” The momentum of Lancaster Works’ sale is already aligning key partnerships for the future. Integrity Staffing Solution is working with Lancaster Works to add public sector clients to its private sector base by opening the doors to federal government contract opportunities. This move will provide Lancaster Works with the financial foundation to scale and realize its vision for a “National Workforce Development Collective Impact Partnership.” ASSETS’ Board and Leadership supports Lancaster Works’ ability to continue creating success stories for the underserved and look forward to forming a new relationship with Lancaster Works in the years to come. Miller believes everyone is born with a unique talent or gift that needs to be identified and developed for them to realize their individual greatness. It is his personal mission to unleash that greatness. He is often quoted as saying, “If Tyrone from Trenton can do it, anyone can!” During its brief history, Lancaster Works has situated itself as an important resource that hopes to be a central figure in our community’s economic future as it continues to remove barriers to employment, create a world-class workforce, and transform the lives of many. Read more about Lancaster Works at and ASSETS at Lancaster Works Contact: Tyrone Miller, (717) 980-3585, [email protected] ASSETS Contact: Gretchen Lusby, [email protected] ### Source: Lancaster Works, LLC