Egg Freezing

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Egg Freezing

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Gynaaecare Clinic is among minority centers supplying a substantial range of fertility solutions. Supported by a group of expert experts in the fields of fertility, gynaecology and also urology, we offer guidance and therapies in all elements of assisted conception, gynaecology, endoscopic surgical treatment and male inability to conceive.

Gynaaecare offers extensive assistance to pairs that are unable to develop by themselves. This varies from fairly basic methods such as timing intercourse and also inducing ovulation, to advanced treatments such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and also IVF/ICSI using a sperm or egg donor or surrogacy.

Fertility Examinations

Our company believe that it is very important to deal with and manage your gynaecological health and fertility from a young age. Fertility ‘exams’ need to be a routine component of a person’s wellness regimen. This is specifically important if there is a family members history of fertility issues or gynaecological problems such as early menopause. Gynaaecare offers fertility exams for both men and women consisting of hormonal agent blood tests, semen evaluation, ultrasound scans and also follow-up recommendations and consultations. Gynaecology

Gynaecology is a broad area encompassing the medical diagnosis, therapy and management of problems relating to the women reproductive system. The Harley Road Fertility Clinic uses the latest advanced medical treatment for a full range of gynaecological issues including well female screening, hysteroscopy as well as laparoscopy to therapies for fibroids, ovarian cysts as well as endometriosis. Counselling

The fertility trip can be extremely difficult, our team believe that decreasing this tension will not only add to your overall well-being but likewise help to improve the possibilities of a successful therapy. We have a group of highly knowledgeable counsellors to provide you the support during your therapy strategy. It is a lawful need for all clients obtaining benefactor gametes to be provided ‘effects’ coaching.

Read our Couples’ Support Guide Andrology

With a specialist andrologist & specialist urologist as component of our core medical team, we have the ability to provide a series of services and therapies for male infertility problems. Therapies vary from seminal fluid evaluation to sophisticated micro-dissection testicular sperm extraction.


Ultrasonography or ultrasound is an analysis imaging strategy used to visualise inner body organs. It provides invaluable info for the diagnosis and also treatment of fertility concerns for both men and women. Ultrasound scans are useful in every action of the fertility treatment process as well as ultimately, to verify a successful maternity. Below at gynaaecare, we provide the most recent ultrasound treatments, consisting of very early maternity scans and 3D/4D scans of your baby.

We additionally provide nuchal clarity scans, integrated with a blood examination, to examine the risk of foetal abnormalities such as Down’s disorder.