How to Remove Spelling Errors From Your Document?

Bijou Lane
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How to Remove Spelling Errors From Your Document?

How to Remove Spelling Errors From Your Document?

There is nothing worse than a document full of spelling errors. This reduces the credibility of your document. However, manually searching for spelling errors in a huge document is also a very overwhelming task. So do we have an option that can check our spelling errors fast and efficiently?

Yes. You can use online spell checkers.

Why use a Spell Checker?

The English language is very vast. It is not possible to remember all the words. It becomes even trickier with spellings. Even the most experienced writers make spelling mistakes.

Manually checking each word is not possible. It can be exhaustive. Suppose you wrote a 5000-word article. You cannot manually search for spelling errors in this article.

Moreover, humans are prone to errors. If you somehow manually checked an article there is no guarantee that your article is 100% correct.

This is where an online spell checker comes into the picture. They are fast, easy and effective in finding the errors in your article.

How does it Work?

There are three approaches that an online spell checker can use to check your document:

It can compare each word in your document with an online dictionary. This dictionary contains all the words in the English language. Any word in which the letters are misplaced will be edited as per the information in that huge online database.

Another way is to train your system to find the wrong word as per grammatical rules. It can mark “an” if you use “a” in words starting with a vowel sound. It can also use homophones to edit your article. Like wrong use of “write” in place of “right”.

The final way is to create rules for your own as per statistical data. This system employs a huge amount of data to frame its own rules to check spelling errors.

What Format can you use?

Most online checker can work with a variety of formats. Higher the number of formats it can handle, more popular and useful it will be.

The basic way is to copy your document and paste it into the online spell checker. This method is allowed by almost all the online spell checker.

Some platforms allow you to enter a URL that can be checked for all the spelling errors.

Many platforms will allow you to upload a.doc or.docx formats. It can be taken a bit further by allowing.pdf and.jpg formats as well.

Only a few online spell checker allows you to insert Google Docs and Dropbox URL.

What are the Benefits of a Spell Checker?

Using one spell checker has become necessary. It is used by school teachers to check the assignments submitted by their students. This helps them to grade the students quickly and saves a lot of time.

Broadly these online tools provide two benefits: firstly all the errors are removed without wasting time and secondly, it saves the effort required to proofread the article.

The best online tool for this purpose is Corrector. It can check your article and give you a list of errors in just 0.3 seconds. So, what are you waiting for? Just copy your text and paste it in this []grammar checker.