Solar Doesn't Have To Mean 'Sun' Anymore

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Solar Doesn't Have To Mean 'Sun' Anymore

Solar Doesn’t Need To Mean ‘Sunlight’ Any longer

Solar energy, renewable resource, clean energy, alternate power, green energy - up until lately it’s all indicated one thing … the sunlight, yet thermodynamics has actually changed that!

Did you recognize, that presently the top-level country for solar energy production is Germany, reportedly producing 38,250 megawatts of its power from renewable resources?

Germany isn’t recognized for being the best of nations, yet on April 30th 2017, Germany developed a new nationwide record for renewable resource usage, in which over 1 weekend break in May, 85% of all the electrical energy taken in, was created from eco-friendly sources such as wind, solar, biomass, as well as hydro-electric power.

Presumably, that there are much more solar PV panels installed here than anywhere else in the world. In 2016, Italy, an additional European country, was additionally listed as the 4th most flourishing for solar energy generation, with France stone’s throw behind in sixth location.

The UK which is a more financially sophisticated nation than both France and Italy, as well as not far behind Germany in its financial progressions, shares a comparable environment to the Northern components of these nations, with unpredictable weather and also numerous overcast days, yet pitifully - the UK is not also included on that particular list!

So why? What is it concerning solar energy that is putting us Brits off?

It’s no secret the UK is a nation of holiday lovers, we love going abroad, our barbecues as well as garden events. If a little of sunlight pokes via the clouds - we have our swimwear on as well as are sat in a collapsible yard chair with a pimm’s, faster than you can state “sunburn”.

However if we are all so keen to jump at maximizing a tiny bit of sunlight, then isn’t it high time that we started considering how we can take our Terrific British climate by the horns, and harness some energy from it - sunlight or no sunlight?

There seek all 8760 hrs in a year, with the UK balancing 1493 hours of sunlight a year. So, if the innovation is currently offered to maximize the 7,267 hours a year that we don’t see sunlight, along with the days we do - surely, we should be jumping at the possibility to harness it?

How thermodynamic hot water can transform our lives and boost the atmosphere

Amazingly, in the UK, 98% of domestic and industrial greenhouse gas exhausts from warmth, apparently come from standard room as well as water home heating approaches.

In light of our boosting understanding of the damage that CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions are doing to our planet, the UK picks not to purchase eco-friendly choices, for worry that there just will not suffice sunlight to roi. We can not alter the weather, however there must be something we can to use the weather we do obtain …

Thermodynamic solar warm water heating unit or ‘solar assisted heat pumps’ such as the Solamics Bunsen Air, were investigated, created and also produced as low cost, extremely reliable systems, made purposely to match the UK environment - as well as right here is the best little bit … THEY DON’T REQUIRED THE SUN!

Hoorah, finally a solar hot water system to match the UK and its ‘Terrific British Weather. These creative warm water systems even work at evening!

Not just does the Bunsen Air heatpump give water that is made warm naturally, solar assisted heatpump such as this, additionally help us to sustain as well as take care of our setting - they use the ambient power from all-natural incidents whether that be snow, hail storm wind, rainfall or perhaps sub-zero temperatures, to warm water.

As they are totally trusted - 365 days a year, they are also an amazing means of reducing your carbon footprint 365 days a year, along with your energy costs! Leaving individuals with even more cash to spend on vacations, Pimm’s as well as BBQ sausages!

How we can make solar power work even without the sun, and also benefit from the other 7,267 hours.

It’s pretty simple actually, if you have an existing quality water cyndrical tube, the Bunsen Air heat pump is retrofitted, with professional refrigeration pipework that use your current warm water circuit. If you don’t already have a water cylinder, then one is just set up together with the Bunsen.

On the surface, 2 thermodynamic solar battery panels are fitted to a surface area that is revealed to the natural environments, as well as an o-zone friendly, liquid cooling agent that moves around the panels, absorbs the ambient energy from whatever the weather condition in whatever temperature, whilst inside, the Bunsen heatpump system it set up close to your water cyndrical tube.

The panels, unit and also water cylinder communicate with each other, to effectively and efficiently move warmth into your hot water circuit.

As well as worry not … the Bunsen can pleasantly offer adequate warm water for a large family members every day, (and also it’s intelligent controls and also boost function if you ever needed a top up).

Lastly …

Traditional solar is one thing, however thermodynamic renewable resource is one more. We are currently in a setting where we have accessibility to this ground-breaking technology, and also do not need the sun to develop solar power, so allow’s pull the UK’s socks up, fulfill the UKs sustainable heat motivation for 2020, and also get to the top of that checklist as a nation of economically audio ‘solar energy’ leaders.