The Greenfields Of Yesteryear

Aura Lane
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The Greenfields Of Yesteryear

The Greenfields Of Days gone by

Once there were eco-friendly fields where rivers used to run. Now with male’s indifference everywhere the earth is being scorched by an overbearing sun. It is as though we are like termites damaging the only home we have. Science as well as technology created has afforded humanity the abilities of relieving the damaging impacts of what guy is still unleashing to our environment and also planet. And also, yet there continues to be no genuine forward momentum to infuse a sense of necessity and obligation to remedy the discrepancies in our atmosphere and also society.

The limited grasp on power and control manipulated by so couple of has only established themselves in sequestering the general public. This sequestering of the public through the media, education and learning, plan regulations, requireds and laws have produced a wall surface of indifference, lethargy, and also lack of knowledge to what is actually occurring to our globe.

When there are so couple of that are able to see over that wall our world will just continue to experience irreparable damage. The discrepancies to our setting and culture will only get worse. The future of mankind will certainly continue to be in excellent jeopardy, as well as our earth will certainly soon come to be unwelcoming.

There are some that think all hope is not lost. Yet, versus almost impossible odds they recognize we remain in a race against time. Time mankind truly doesn’t have, for if we wait as well long there will be no future for much way too many.

The Georgia Guide Stones have prophesied the fate for humanity. Do we dare remain to overlook the warning signs that are around us and keep ourselves behind that wall surface of indifference, apathy and lack of knowledge? Or do we increase above as well as recognize the future actually remains in our hands. Yet, we should act in total accord and in unity to take down that wall surface and also embark on the path toward a more well balanced world. A globe that agrees with nature, the setting as well as mankind.

Today, when the world is still in the tosses of a Pandemic much of the attention is concentrated far from the impending catastrophes that are building up in dimension and regularity all across the globe. A lot of governments are only one dimensional in their thinking as well as plan regulations. For if mankind is to free ourselves of the yolk of oppression from governmental interference as well as laziness in alleviating the lots of situation that are pestering cultures today we need to increase over that wall of indifference. We need to understand that just a multi lateral plan instruction concentrating on a clear-cut strategy of instructions will do well. A plan of instructions that encompasses the services required. This requires nationwide financial reform’s technical as well as clinical program that will bring the equilibrium to our atmosphere as well as our society.